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When Does Overachievement Become Bad?

Walk the halls of any high school, and the classic stereotypes will come alive before your eyes. The Preps, jocks, nerds, bad kids etc. Most people are able to pick them out and know behavioral patterns. Perhaps the most overlooked teens are actually the ones in the spotlight. This teen is on the honor roll, takes AP classes, plays a sport and has a hand in school organizations. They may even hold a job outside of school. This kid does not appear … Continue

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Teens And Money Management

Ideally, children will learn about money management from their parents. After all, unless a student majors in finance or economics, the finer points of money management are not covered in the classroom. Begin with a stable personal money management system and teach it to children early. Teenagers will always want something; teach them money management by making them earn their next cell phone, iPod or other electronic gadget. Selling Before … Continue

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What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 1

Today’s kids and teens are different than any generation of young people that have gone before them, right? Some sort of generational Narcissism may accompany any age group, but it seems especially prevalent today. At least to older generations. On that note, many have documented the widening generation gaps, citing technology as the driving force. Behind their high-tech M.O.’s, however, the Millennials are much the same as generations that have … Continue

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New Creations Boarding School Review

New Creations Boarding School (website) offers a Christian residential program for teenagers (boys & girls through age 18) and is located in Richmond, Indiana. New Creations has been serving families and investing in youth since 1969. Founded by Tim and Bonnie Cummings, New Creations originally began as a traveling youth choir and church. In 1971, a residential program for youth was begun with the Cummings opening up their home to hurting … Continue

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My Teen is Pregnant. Now What?

You have just finished having a most upsetting conversation with your teenager. Your daughter has told you she is pregnant or your son has admitted he is gong to be a father. Anger, confusion, disappointment and helplessness may all be a part of your feelings right now, but giving into any of them is not […]

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Too Much Work, Not Enough Family Time

Can parents and schools go overboard when it comes to driving teens toward high achievement? According to some, our achievement-oriented society can have some major down sides, when it comes to our kids. While this issue certainly starts early on, it really comes to a head during the teen years. Too Much Homework A mom […]

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Are Teens Hardwired to Be Reckless?

It’s no secret that teenagers are predisposed to risky behaviors—and not just those who’ve never dreamed of making the honor roll. However, this tendency has nothing to do with I.Q. and everything to do with their developmental stage. Reckless activities can do more than prompt parents to shake their heads: Dangerous games have claimed thousands […]

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Over the Counter Drug Abuse in Teens

Abuse of over the counter medications among teenagers is on the rise. These types of drugs are different from prescription drugs, such as painkillers and muscle relaxers, and, although prescription drugs are certainly abused by teenagers and are certainly a threat, they pose different problems than the abuse of over the counter medications. It is […]

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Do You “Need a Drink”? Think About Your Teen, First (Part 2)

We as parents say we’d easily lay down our lives for our kids; we should be willing to lay down our rights and desires, as well (John 15:13). While many Christians and theologians still think the issue of a Christian’s use of alcohol in general is up for debate, even if we do legitimately have […]

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Do You “Need a Drink”? Think About Your Teen, First (Part 1)

If you’re over 21, it’s legal for you to imbibe. So why shouldn’t you? There are actually some pretty good reasons why you should consider setting aside your legal rights, especially if you’re a parent of a teen. Principles in Favor of Alcohol Use Even within the church, it seems we’re more “enlightened” these days, […]

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Reducing Opportunities for Abuse from Pedophiles, Part 3

Many parents resist putting up protective fences to reduce opportunities for pedophiles to target their children. Why are such safeguards important? Vulnerability and availability rank most highly as determinants of which children are victimized by these predators. Background Checks In an effort to reduce already convicted sex offenders’ access to children or teens, convicted sex […]

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Teaching Teens a Balanced Approach to Eating

Teens are not known for their balanced eating habits. If anything, they are more known for their horrible eating habits. Pizza for breakfast, late night binges on junk food and a sad lack of vegetables all cause a great nutritional void. Poor nutrition can often contribute to negative behaviors, so this is an issue that […]