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Alternative Schooling Options for Teens

Often, a parent’s role in helping teens through problems at school involves counseling them through difficult situations and encouraging through those bumps in the road. Sometimes, though, parental intervention is required. Examples of situations requiring intervention include sexual harassment, bullying, or illegitimate grading scenarios. Once in a while, even parental involvement is not enough to allay the risks of a young person’s continued … Continue

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Tips for Teens to Save Money

The value of money is hard to define. It is even harder to define as a teenager when funds from flipping burgers at the local diner are not paying for the brand new video game console. Ask yourself the following questions to help prepare and save as a teenager. What are my financial responsibilities? From car payments to birthday gifts for friends, you will have responsibilities to save for. Make note of these responsibilities and plan … Continue

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Effectively Communicating With Your Teen

The first step to having a healthy teenager is having a healthy relationship with your teenager. You, the parent, are their compass to how things work in the world. Several tools are at your disposal such as leading by example, active listening and asking your teen to be involved in decisions that involve them. Show your teen that they are important by saying they are and allowing them to have a voice. Fostering this type of relationship will … Continue

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New Creations Boarding School Review

New Creations Boarding School (website) offers a Christian residential program for teenagers (boys & girls through age 18) and is located in Richmond, Indiana. New Creations has been serving families and investing in youth since 1969. Founded by Tim and Bonnie Cummings, New Creations originally began as a traveling youth choir and church. In 1971, a residential program for youth was begun with the Cummings opening up their home to hurting … Continue

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Teens and Rape Victim Blame

There is a disturbing trend within the American teenage population of rape victim blame and bullying. The ability of a rape victim, male or female, to overcome the trauma they have suffered rests in their openness about the crime. Reporting rape is the single most influential way to bring the rapist to justice and to […]

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Sharing a Bedroom as a Teenager

Teenagers need space. They need their own territory to relax and escape, and they need solitude to complete homework and study for classes. Teenagers crave independence and their own privacy. However, many teenage siblings share a bedroom. Sharing a bedroom can teach cooperation and communication skills, and since everyone should carry these skills in life, […]

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Teen Clothing Dilemmas

The image of a teenager is ever evolving. Each era has specific issues; three teenage habits may have secretly driven them all. While teenagers in eras past dressed for peace, national support or popularity, all of them were prey to the instable thoughts of adolescence. The teenager dresses to and for their peers in order […]

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Teen Ketamine Use

The use of club drugs fluctuates from year to year, and although right now the use of club drugs like ketamine is down, it is still important for parents to know the facts about this drug. What is it? Ketamine, also known as “Special K” and “K,” is a club drug that is a dissociative […]

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Teen Depression Basics

Despite the fact that depression in teens is well-publicized and well-recognized, it goes undiagnosed more often than many people realize. In fact, some statistics estimate that approximately 80% of depressed teenagers go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. Depression in teens is a serious issue that goes well beyond occasional bad moods or feelings of sadness, and […]

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The Facts About Ecstasy

A recent study says that ecstasy use in teens is on the rise, and that means it’s something parents have to be on the lookout for. Nearly 3 million teens have admitted to trying the “love drug,” and use of ecstasy has risen 71 percent since 1999. While drug use is generally down in teens, […]

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What’s Better Than Sex?

As we mentor teens, we need to realize how counter-cultural abstinence-until-marriage is — as well as how positive it is. (In this video, Dannah Gresh of Pure Freedom explains our society’s false assumptions about the benefits of virginity and the most fulfilling sex.) At the same time, we need to help teenagers use unfulfilled longings […]

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Infusing Timeless Values into Today’s Teens

The options available to today’s teens can be both exciting and overwhelming. Instead of going into a rampage on how thankful they should be and what things were like “when I was your age,” parents, teachers, and other mentor adults do well to help educate teens about what’s really important in life and how to […]