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When Does Overachievement Become Bad?

Walk the halls of any high school, and the classic stereotypes will come alive before your eyes. The Preps, jocks, nerds, bad kids etc. Most people are able to pick them out and know behavioral patterns. Perhaps the most overlooked teens are actually the ones in the spotlight. This teen is on the honor roll, takes AP classes, plays a sport and has a hand in school organizations. They may even hold a job outside of school. This kid does not appear … Continue

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Should My Teen Get a Job?

When today's parents were teenagers, their own parents (today's grandparents) probably had very different expectations for the career paths of their children. In the 1960-70s, many young teenagers set out to work as soon as they were able, and most of their parents, with their 1940-50s values of hard work and frugal living, encouraged this wholeheartedly. Many of these former waitresses and busboys, however, have very different expectations for … Continue

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Beyond “Because I Said So” (Part 1)

While young children are sometimes incapable of understanding the reasoning behind parental limits or expectations, teens are capable of higher-order thinking. Perhaps more significant than their mental capacity to understand and assess risks and participate in the decision-making process is the fact that they need to be taught how to make wise choices, since they will soon be legally and practically able to make major decisions for themselves. … Continue

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New Creations Boarding School Review

New Creations Boarding School (website) offers a Christian residential program for teenagers (boys & girls through age 18) and is located in Richmond, Indiana. New Creations has been serving families and investing in youth since 1969. Founded by Tim and Bonnie Cummings, New Creations originally began as a traveling youth choir and church. In 1971, a residential program for youth was begun with the Cummings opening up their home to hurting … Continue

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Encouragement Amid Scandal: Confronting Falsehoods Surrounding the Josh Duggar Drama, Part 2

Second to the fallacy that “People Can’t Change for Good,” a lot of the rhetoric surrounding the Josh Duggar drama seems to resonate with the idea that “Repentance Isn’t Good Enough.” Now, some who do believe that repentance is significant believe Josh Duggar’s public apology to fall short of reflecting all the elements of biblical […]

Family Vacations With the Not-So-Exitced Teen

As a parent, you realize your golden years with your children are rapidly ending. As children become teenagers, they’ll likely try to assert their independence by asking to go on trips with friends instead of with Mom and Dad or by asking to stay home while the rest of the family goes on vacation. However, […]

Teen Clothing Dilemmas

The image of a teenager is ever evolving. Each era has specific issues; three teenage habits may have secretly driven them all. While teenagers in eras past dressed for peace, national support or popularity, all of them were prey to the instable thoughts of adolescence. The teenager dresses to and for their peers in order […]

Signs and Symptoms of Huffing

If you suspect that your teen could be using inhalants to get high, then it is very important that you intervene immediately. Huffing, which is most popular among teenagers, is an extremely dangerous habit that could cause harm to your child’s lungs, kidneys, and liver. The side effects of huffing can include brain damage or […]

Teen Depression Basics

Despite the fact that depression in teens is well-publicized and well-recognized, it goes undiagnosed more often than many people realize. In fact, some statistics estimate that approximately 80% of depressed teenagers go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. Depression in teens is a serious issue that goes well beyond occasional bad moods or feelings of sadness, and […]

Teen Heroin Use

Heroin is a highly illegal and incredibly dangerous and addictive narcotic. Heroin is a derivative of morphine and is similar in its effects to prescription painkillers like Oxycontin, Vicodin, and codeine. Unlike some drugs, such as marijuana, which are only addictive in a loose and psychological sense, heroin is extremely addictive, both in terms of […]

Encouragement Amid Scandal: Confronting Falsehoods Surrounding the Josh Duggar Drama, Part 1

In the wake of news leaking out about Josh Duggar’s sexually deviant behavior as a teen, there has been a frenzy of angry and arrogant responses from liberals and tabloids, ministries and mommy bloggers, and just about everyone in between. With the many varying opinions about what should or shouldn’t have been his parents’ response […]

Stopping Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry occurs between almost every sibling. It may not be an issue in some families, but other families are nearly torn apart by brothers’ and sisters’ hatred for one another. In real life and fiction, no family is perfect. Every parent claims they do not have a favorite child, but sometimes it is hard […]