Fostering Academic Success at Home: Structuring Study Schedules and Spaces, Part 2

Parental relationships go a long way toward fostering academic success, but not nearly as much as when parents communicate educational expectations and prioritize academics themselves (see Part 1). Including school work in the schedule and providing study spaces for your kids can go a long way toward communicating your support and the priority you place […]

Fostering Academic Success at Home: Structuring Study Schedules and Spaces, Part 1

Whether you as a parent are confident or wary about your children’s school, teachers, and the academic state of the union, in general, the most important thing you can do is to foster academic success on the home front. In a landmark 2012 study involving 10,000 students, the findings significantly place importance on your role […]

Are Teen Boot Camps a Good Choice?

Teen boot camp and military-style boarding schools are sometimes cited as an effective way to rectify negative behavior in teenagers and set them on the path towards becoming a responsible, independent young adult. However, although popularized by daytime talk shows, teen boot camps have a number of drawbacks that need to be addressed before you […]

When Does Overachievement Become Bad?

Walk the halls of any high school, and the classic stereotypes will come alive before your eyes. The Preps, jocks, nerds, bad kids etc. Most people are able to pick them out and know behavioral patterns. Perhaps the most overlooked teens are actually the ones in the spotlight. This teen is on the honor roll, […]

Advice for Parents of Low-Achieving Students

As a classroom teacher in both private and public schools in a variety of socioeconomic settings, I noticed six characteristics commonly found among students who routinely succeeded: Propensity for academics Drive toward high achievement Prior knowledge and basic study skills Opportunity to complete assignments Healthy lifestyle choices Parental involvement While parents may not be able […]

Communicating With Your Teen’s Teachers

When your teenagers spend hours in the care of others, mainly their teachers, communication between you and those educational professionals is vital. Without proper communication, you cannot be fully aware of what is going on in your teen’s life, and you will likely struggle to communicate well when problems arise, which is common with kids […]

Alternative Schooling Options for Teens

Often, a parent’s role in helping teens through problems at school involves counseling them through difficult situations and encouraging through those bumps in the road. Sometimes, though, parental intervention is required. Examples of situations requiring intervention include sexual harassment, bullying, or illegitimate grading scenarios. Once in a while, even parental involvement is not enough to […]