Cocaine Use in Teens

Cocaine use in teenagers is a very, very troubling subject, a subject that should be taken seriously by all parents of teenaged children. If you suspect that your son or daughter might be using cocaine, then it is very important that you seek the necessary advice and assistance. Below you will find the three most […]

Keys to Preventing Underage Drinking

With all the bad news about underage drinking, some good news is refreshing: The minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) of 21 seems to greatly reduce alcohol consumption both among underage youths and among adults of legal age. More action is needed, however, in order to further reduce the instances of underage drinking and their related […]

Teen Ketamine Use

The use of club drugs fluctuates from year to year, and although right now the use of club drugs like ketamine is down, it is still important for parents to know the facts about this drug. What is it? Ketamine, also known as “Special K” and “K,” is a club drug that is a dissociative […]

What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 1

Today’s kids and teens are different than any generation of young people that have gone before them, right? Some sort of generational Narcissism may accompany any age group, but it seems especially prevalent today. At least to older generations. On that note, many have documented the widening generation gaps, citing technology as the driving force. […]

The Facts About Ecstasy

A recent study says that ecstasy use in teens is on the rise, and that means it’s something parents have to be on the lookout for. Nearly 3 million teens have admitted to trying the “love drug,” and use of ecstasy has risen 71 percent since 1999. While drug use is generally down in teens, […]

The Many Dangers of Teen Steroid Use

Anabolic steroids might not be as popular among teenagers as alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana, but they are certainly still a threat to teens. These steroids work by mimicking the effects of androgens (certain hormones, most notably testosterone) in the body, and many teens, especially young males, use the drugs in order to gain muscle mass, […]

What are the Risks of Teen Binge Drinking?

Because alcohol is by far the most commonly used drug among teens, it is logical- although still unfortunate- that binge drinking is popular among young people. But it’s not just college students who overindulge in alcohol; binge drinking is common at high school parties, too. Just because alcohol is popular, however, does not mean that […]

The Facts About Bath Salts

In 2009 there were no calls to the Poison Control Center in regards to bath salts. In 2011 there were more than 6,000. Parents are concerned about this dangerous drug, but many don’t know much about it and are confused about the facts. Bath Salts hit national news this year, hitting its peak when one […]

Your Teen’s Potential for Adderall Addiction

Adderall, a drug most often prescribed to combat the symptoms of ADD/ ADHD, is very commonly abused among today’s teenagers and college students. Although it is available through prescription only, that hasn’t stopped legions of teens from taking advantage of the drug’s availability and abusing Adderall- sometimes to a dangerous degree. If you are a […]

Quitting Smoking as a Teen

If you are a teen who smokes and wants to quit or the parent of a teen who smokes and wants to quit, then you’re probably feeling the pressure of the task ahead. Quitting smoking is certainly no easy feat, but previous smokers have taught us that the earlier you start trying to quit, the […]