When Leaders Falter and Fall: Guiding Your Teen Through Disappointment & Disillusionment (Part 1)

When did it happen for you? You probably remember that moment when you found out your Sunday school teacher struggled with bitterness, your pastor had to resign due to infidelity, or a deacon in your church had committed fraud at his workplace. These people had been your heroes of the faith — right up there […]

Parents: Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Merriam-Webster defines self-esteem as: “a sense of personal worth and ability that is fundamental to an individual’s identity.” Self-esteem greatly develops as a teenager. It builds their character and defines who they are. As a teen grows into adulthood, positivity and self-respect is needed for a teen to gain self- esteem. Many teenagers with lower […]

Imperfect Parents Parenting Imperfect Teenagers

Of course, there are problems with trying to be your teenager’s friend, instead of his or her parent and authority. However, there can also be problems when we (try to) put ourselves up on too much of a pedestal, making ourselves too distant, and coming across as adversaries instead of allies. Let’s take our cue […]

Discussing Depression and Suicide with Your Teen, Part 2

Hopefully, I’ve at least convinced you (see Part 1) to discuss these hard topics with your teen. Now what? What should you say? Before you change your mind or flippantly speak your mind, make sure to keep your audience and your main purpose in view: Your child is at risk for the same kind of […]

Books Every Teen Should Read

Reading can be a wonderful escape from the real world. Many teenagers look to books and literature to teach them life lessons as they mature into young adult. The following books are best sellers that demonstrate different life perspectives. To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee Through the eyes of a young girl named […]

Parents, Be Aware: Invisible but Dangerous Online Activities

While many mock alarmist moms and media, most sensible parents realize that there are dangers lurking online that can strongly impact their teens’ innocence, reputation, and safety. Many savvy moms and dads check phones for intimate texting (a.k.a. sexting) and adding kids as a Facebook friend — or even requiring access to all social media […]

Is Modesty Worth the Fight? (Part 2)

Instead of keeping parents from addressing modesty with teens (see Part 1), the fact that there are more important issues in life can actually help motivate such conversations. Appearance Can Become an Idol While some types of modesty training could potentially increase the propensity for obsessing about the outward appearance, spiritually motivated biblical teaching centers […]

Is Modesty Worth the Fight? (Part 1)

Many parents of teens become quite fond of the phrase “choose your battles.” For a growing number of parents, the battles they choose may include fighting for sexual purity while letting blatant immodesty slide. First, we’ll take some time to evaluate common reasons for not addressing it; in Part 2, we’ll look at some even […]

Discussing Depression and Suicide with Your Teen, Part 1

In the wake of the tragic suicide of comedian Robin Williams, the blogosphere and social networking sites are all abuzz. And for every post, comment, or opinion, there are plenty of opposing views, even (or especially?) among Christians. When these kinds of high-profile conversations arise, it’s extremely important that you discuss them with your teen, […]

Are Teen Boot Camps a Good Choice?

Teen boot camp and military-style boarding schools are sometimes cited as an effective way to rectify negative behavior in teenagers and set them on the path towards becoming a responsible, independent young adult. However, although popularized by daytime talk shows, teen boot camps have a number of drawbacks that need to be addressed before you […]