Communication Overload

Many teenagers today are excellent multi-taskers. They listen to music, do homework, and text all at once. Picture a teenager nestled comfortably on the family couch. The parents have settled in to watch their nightly shows while he does his homework. The teenager has their personal laptop with social networking sites up and their cell […]

What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 2

It’s pretty clear that like generations that have gone before them, today’s teens have a thirst for social interaction. They’re often using gadgets to fulfill that desire, but it’s insatiable (see Part 1). They can become addicted and are sometimes undiscriminating in what they post or text. They need guidance from mature mentors, to be […]

Effectively Communicating With Your Teen

The first step to having a healthy teenager is having a healthy relationship with your teenager. You, the parent, are their compass to how things work in the world. Several tools are at your disposal such as leading by example, active listening and asking your teen to be involved in decisions that involve them. Show […]

Curbing the Negative Side Effects of Teen Social Networking

On average, 93% of American teens go online regularly; 80% of these teen internet users are involved in at least one social networking site. On the high end of the spectrum, 92% of web-savvy girls ages 14 to 17 are involved in social networking. With 93% of teenage social media users having Facebook accounts, we […]

Teen Facebook Use

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, both old and new, and to see what is happening in the lives of others. You can stay in touch with distant relatives, old friends, and former classmates. However, despite Facebook’s benefits, it’s all too easy to fall into the traps of this social networking site. […]

What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 1

Today’s kids and teens are different than any generation of young people that have gone before them, right? Some sort of generational Narcissism may accompany any age group, but it seems especially prevalent today. At least to older generations. On that note, many have documented the widening generation gaps, citing technology as the driving force. […]

Texting and Teens

Does your teen seem to have his fingers glued to his phone? Does he spend more time texting than he does talking? If you have noticed this trend, rest assured that you are not alone. Most parents have the same issue with their teens. So how much texting is too much, and how can you […]

Communicating with Your Teen: Why Learning Styles Matter, Part 2

In Part 1, we explored the auditory learning style, and now we’ll pick up with the kinesthetic and visual learner. Appealing to Kinesthetic Learners Have you ever accused your kid of having “ants in your pants,” or do you often find him fidgeting or doodling? You probably have a kinesthetic learner on your hands. The […]

Discussing Depression and Suicide with Your Teen, Part 2

Hopefully, I’ve at least convinced you (see Part 1) to discuss these hard topics with your teen. Now what? What should you say? Before you change your mind or flippantly speak your mind, make sure to keep your audience and your main purpose in view: Your child is at risk for the same kind of […]

Parents, Be Aware: Invisible but Dangerous Online Activities

While many mock alarmist moms and media, most sensible parents realize that there are dangers lurking online that can strongly impact their teens’ innocence, reputation, and safety. Many savvy moms and dads check phones for intimate texting (a.k.a. sexting) and adding kids as a Facebook friend — or even requiring access to all social media […]