Anorexia and your Body

Noticing other women’s weight is a common habit for many women, but sometimes this habit can become unhealthy. In extreme cases, people can obsess over their weight so much that they develop an eating disorder. Teenagers are the most at-risk group for developing anorexia. As they try to fit in with others and attract members of […]

K2 and Spice: Synthetic Marijuana Facts

“But Mom, it’s legal!” shouts your teen after you find a packet of synthetic marijuana in their room. Are you prepared to tell them the dangers of synthetic marijuana, spice, or K2? Do you even know anything about it? Here are the basic facts about this designer drug that could be available at gas stations […]

Is My Teen an Emotional Eater?

Teenagers are hard-wired to consume a high number of calories to support their quickly growing bodies, but even teens can overdo it when it comes to food. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to determine whether your teen is an emotional eater because it is impossible for you to know whether they are actually physically […]

Teens Who Overeat

Overeating in teens is something that all parents should be on the lookout for. Although nearly everyone overeats at least occasionally, it is important to make the distinction between occasional indulgence, say, on Thanksgiving or at a pizza party, and habitual, often uncontrollable overeating. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your […]

High School Wrestling Woes

The high school wrestler will face many issues connected to their sport. The constant pressure to weigh in at a certain level can lead to deteriorated health. Maintaining a healthy weight while wrestling competitively is extremely important. Most teenage boys will not be able to achieve this on their own. Coach, parent and peer support […]

Bulimia in Teens

Bulimia nervosa (usually just “bulimia”) is a dangerous eating disorder characterized by the binge and purge cycle. A teen who has bulimia will binge- eat an extremely excessive amount of food- and then immediately purge- eliminate the food from their system. Bulimia in teens is generally rooted in an intense fear of gaining weight, but […]

Anorexia in Teens

Anorexia nervosa (or simply “anorexia”) is a serious and dangerous eating disorder typified by self starvation. Although anorexia is potentially life threatening among all age groups, it is particularly troubling among the teenaged segment of the population, partly because the habits developed during the teen years are often internalized and carried over into adulthood and […]

Volunteering is a Great Way to Refocus Teens

If you sense that your teen could be heading down the wrong path, hanging out with the wrong crowd, or just lacking ambition, a great way to turn them around is to convince them to volunteer. Much like the positive aspects of having a job, volunteering can change the way a teen thinks or acts. […]