What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 2

It’s pretty clear that like generations that have gone before them, today’s teens have a thirst for social interaction. They’re often using gadgets to fulfill that desire, but it’s insatiable (see Part 1). They can become addicted and are sometimes undiscriminating in what they post or text. They need guidance from mature mentors, to be […]

Infusing Timeless Values into Today’s Teens

The options available to today’s teens can be both exciting and overwhelming. Instead of going into a rampage on how thankful they should be and what things were like “when I was your age,” parents, teachers, and other mentor adults do well to help educate teens about what’s really important in life and how to […]

What Technology Reveals About Today’s Teens, Part 1

Today’s kids and teens are different than any generation of young people that have gone before them, right? Some sort of generational Narcissism may accompany any age group, but it seems especially prevalent today. At least to older generations. On that note, many have documented the widening generation gaps, citing technology as the driving force. […]

Social Networking: In Person

The importance of social networking has always been a part of high school. Recent generations have turned to the internet and sites like Facebook and MySpace to accomplish this task. One of the many problems associated with online social networking for teenagers is that of public exclusion. Thanks to these types of sites, it is […]

Controversy Surrounds “Bully” Movie

Should I let my child see “Bully”? The March 2012 movie titled “Bully” is currently awash in a sea of controversy. The movie details the lives of several American children who are faced with cruel bullying on a regular basis, and it documents the harm that bullying can cause to the delicate emotional health of […]

Teenagers And Video Game Addiction

Picture a dimly lit room. The computer or television flickering on the face of a teenager completely engrossed in a video game. This individual has a glazed over face, is surrounded by junk food trash and looks like they needed a shower yesterday. Teenagers such as this are addicted to video games. This serious issue […]

Video Game Addiction in Teens

Children, teenagers, and even some adults love to play video games. Video games provide instant entertainment that can be accessed at all hours of the day from the privacy of one’s own home, so they are both convenient and amusing; unfortunately, this is a perfect combination for addiction. An addiction to video games can come […]