Teenagers and Stepparents

The reality of divorce in the 21st century has forced many adolescents into awkward stepparent situations. While some teenagers accept their stepparents’ role readily and with little drama, other teens are not so quick to adjust. To ensure that your family makes the transition smoothly, follow the tips below. Introduce it carefully. A new relationship […]

Imperfect Parents Parenting Imperfect Teenagers

Of course, there are problems with trying to be your teenager’s friend, instead of his or her parent and authority. However, there can also be problems when we (try to) put ourselves up on too much of a pedestal, making ourselves too distant, and coming across as adversaries instead of allies. Let’s take our cue […]

Sharing a Bedroom as a Teenager

Teenagers need space. They need their own territory to relax and escape, and they need solitude to complete homework and study for classes. Teenagers crave independence and their own privacy. However, many teenage siblings share a bedroom. Sharing a bedroom can teach cooperation and communication skills, and since everyone should carry these skills in life, […]

Helpful Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

If you are the parent of a teen who has recently started driving or who will be learning to drive soon, then you’re probably worried about turning your teen loose on the road. You’re probably aware that car crashes are the leading cause of death among 15-20 year olds, and it’s your job as a […]

The Giving Life: What All Christians Should Re-Gift (Part 3)

I know the idea of re-gifting seems wise to some, while to others it comes across as ungrateful or tacky. Wherever you land on the spectrum of opinions regarding re-gifting Christmas gifts or the like, I’m pretty sure it’s a practice not clearly discussed in God’s Word. (Wisdom principles might apply if you aren’t cautious […]

Teen Killer Parent Profiles, Part 2

In Part 1, we looked at two of the moral issues that apparently helped lead to some of the recent tragedies related to young teens. There are also some basic beneficial concepts that parents of these teens reject. They Dismiss Basic Disciplines and Accountability When lack of responsibility and accountability meets evil, the results can […]

Where Did Tweens Come From?

Of course, 8-12 year old kids are nothing new, but their identity as a uniquely recognized demographic certainly is. For students of history, it’s not surprising that the term and concept of “adolescents” and “teenagers” is a relatively new invention, too. While adolescents in general were the invention, in some ways, of early nineteenth century […]

When Teens Reject Religion

“Help!  My teenage son or daughter is an atheist!” Call it a natural part of a teen’s development into their own person, or call it a simple act of teenage rebellion, but it’s no secret that the teenage years are the most common time for individuals to renounce their parents’ faith. But if your faith […]

The Dreaded Sibling Shadow

Parenting more than one child will always result in some sort of comparison. No one sets out to compare two individuals who grew up under the same roof, but it happens quite often. Teachers, relatives and peers will all see the differences between siblings and comment on them. The key to dodging the detrimental effects […]

Do You “Need a Drink”? Think About Your Teen, First (Part 2)

We as parents say we’d easily lay down our lives for our kids; we should be willing to lay down our rights and desires, as well (John 15:13). While many Christians and theologians still think the issue of a Christian’s use of alcohol in general is up for debate, even if we do legitimately have […]