Teens And Money Management

Ideally, children will learn about money management from their parents. After all, unless a student majors in finance or economics, the finer points of money management are not covered in the classroom. Begin with a stable personal money management system and teach it to children early. Teenagers will always want something; teach them money management […]

Tips for Teens to Save Money

The value of money is hard to define. It is even harder to define as a teenager when funds from flipping burgers at the local diner are not paying for the brand new video game console. Ask yourself the following questions to help prepare and save as a teenager. What are my financial responsibilities? From […]

Should My Teen Get a Job?

When today’s parents were teenagers, their own parents (today’s grandparents) probably had very different expectations for the career paths of their children. In the 1960-70s, many young teenagers set out to work as soon as they were able, and most of their parents, with their 1940-50s values of hard work and frugal living, encouraged this […]