Why “Fifty Shades” Is Dangerous (For You and Your Teen)

Has your teen daughter read or seen Fifty Shades of Grey? Have you? If not, have either of you wanted to? Besides curiosity and wanting to be in-the-know about the popular novel and box office sensation, why do you have that desire? Maybe you don’t even know. Maybe all you’ve told yourself or your daughter […]

What You’re Saying When You Won’t Say the “S-Word”

Have you talked to your kids about sex? Maybe you have, but not in so many words. I’ve heard sermons about “going over the edge,” “knowing someone intimately,” and even “pleasuring one another.” Whenever the “s-word” comes up, adults tend to blush. Kids, not so much. Whether you’re ignoring the topic altogether or simply using […]

What “Fifty Shades” Says and (Almost) Satisfies

Erotica, pornography, a box office sensation — among the many things that Fifty Shades can be called, it is — first and foremost — a story. Like all narratives, it communicates supposed truths — truths about reality. However, in the case of this popular narrative, the statements are glaring and dangerous falsehoods. And the very […]

The Sexting Problem

The days of Danny Zuko singing of his summer love to his friends in Grease are long over. In today’s high schools, many teenage boys come back from summer vacation with a cell phone full of nude photographs of the girl he met on vacation. Teenage boys are not the only culprits to send and […]

Teens and Rape Victim Blame

There is a disturbing trend within the American teenage population of rape victim blame and bullying. The ability of a rape victim, male or female, to overcome the trauma they have suffered rests in their openness about the crime. Reporting rape is the single most influential way to bring the rapist to justice and to […]

What’s Better Than Sex?

As we mentor teens, we need to realize how counter-cultural abstinence-until-marriage is — as well as how positive it is. (In this video, Dannah Gresh of Pure Freedom explains our society’s false assumptions about the benefits of virginity and the most fulfilling sex.) At the same time, we need to help teenagers use unfulfilled longings […]

Teen Pregnancy and Adoption

Many adoption stories begin with a pregnant teenage girl. She is scared, sometimes alone and often financially instable. While this profile may not be completely accurate for all teenage births, it is a familiar story. The decision to put a baby up for adoption is always a difficult choice; the process is long, involved and […]

Causes of Sexual Promiscuity in Teens

Sexual promiscuity in teens is an issue that many parents feel uncomfortable addressing, but it is important that parents not ignore this problem. Failure to address this issue could result in any number of terrible consequences, both emotional and physical, so sexual promiscuity should not be taken lightly. (For more information on the risks of […]

The Risks of Sexual Promiscuity in Teens

Sexual promiscuity in teens is a topic that nearly every parent would probably rather avoid than confront. However, this issue is very real and very serious, and it is important for parents to bravely face the issue rather than turning a blind eye, which could result in dire consequences. If you suspect that your teenager […]

Approaching your Teen for “The Talk”

From the moment you realize that you are a parent, you dread this conversation: “The Talk”. This is one conversation most people do not remember fondly, nor do they enjoy having it. However, that does not negate the importance of this particular exchange. The thing to remember is if your child is smart enough to […]