Combating Teen Obesity

While eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia get plenty of attention, obesity among teens is a serious problem, as well. In fact, according to a 2009 study, obese teens have the same likelihood of dying by their mid-50s as heavy smokers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day. For overweight, but not obese, […]

Sleep Deprivation & Caffeine Addiction

From academic struggles to depression and addictions, teens who burn the midnight oil may be in more danger than you think. Often, they’re staying up late in order to try to fulfill obligations such as studying for tomorrow’s test after a barrage of extracurricular endeavors. While such behavior might seem innocuous and even responsible, it […]

The Female Athlete Triad In Teens

Playing a sport during the teen years is an excellent plan to maintain healthy habits throughout life. A sports schedule often dictates ample amounts of exercise on a balanced diet along with a steady grade point average. All of which are wonderful benefits. The teenage girl athlete will most likely be a happy healthy individual […]

Teaching Teens a Balanced Approach to Eating

Teens are not known for their balanced eating habits. If anything, they are more known for their horrible eating habits. Pizza for breakfast, late night binges on junk food and a sad lack of vegetables all cause a great nutritional void. Poor nutrition can often contribute to negative behaviors, so this is an issue that […]

Can Adolescent Acne Be Dangerous?

Pimples, zits, and the pock marks that result have long been a sort of rite of passage connected with adolescence. Even though only a few get acne severe enough to be painful, most teens have to deal with this condition, to some extent. Thanks to modern medicine, today’s teens have the potential of skipping this […]

Fitting in With AIDs

People living HIV and AIDS Positive are in a constant struggle for normalcy. This added stress during the teenage years is not addressed enough. HIV and AIDS do not discriminate between wealth, gender, race or social status. Educating teenagers on the truth about AIDS is important because there are individuals who already struggle with it […]

High School Wrestling Woes

The high school wrestler will face many issues connected to their sport. The constant pressure to weigh in at a certain level can lead to deteriorated health. Maintaining a healthy weight while wrestling competitively is extremely important. Most teenage boys will not be able to achieve this on their own. Coach, parent and peer support […]